Friday, July 18, 2008

The Zoo

Yesterday, we went to the zoo with our neighbors. It has changed so much since I was there last! Savy liked Cat Country a lot, but the polar bear exhibit was her favorite. It was hot, but we had a great time.

The butterfly house:

Random shots:

Snow-cone break..."blue" is Savy's favorite flavor

Savy LOVED the carousel! I let her pick which animal to ride...she wanted the cheetah. I know what we'll be doing in Dollywood, Mimi!

Savy found a boyfriend in the seal exhibit. She is very outgoing and not a bit shy. They were so cute....I see trouble ahead!

Thank you for inviting us, Suzy! And thanks for footing the bill for the snow-cone and the carousel ride....I'm a bad mommy for forgetting to bring cash to the zoo.

It is so nice being able to go new places with Savy. She has been so patient staying home with me all these months while I've been working. I intend to make it up to her now!


Nanny said...

Looks like Savy had a ball. You are such a good mommy. You are young enough to do things she likes with her. I can't believe you forgot to take cash to the zoo!!Savy looks so cute sitting with the little boy. Seems just like yesterday that you were our little girl about Savy's age. You were precious just like she is!!!

mimi said...

Looks like you really had fun. I'm glad you're getting to spend more time with Savy. We'll all have fun at Gatlinburg and Disney. I can't wait. (I'm really glad you don't have a tatoo)

Suzie said...

Hey, what are friends for.. we had a great time.. Savy is a dollbaby and I just love her!! You're right, Our 3 girls is going to rule the cove SOON!!