Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Clean A Car, Fan Letter To Jon Lovitz, and More Sprinkler Park

What's the easiest way to clean up all the food your kid drops in the car?

I dropped my car off to be detailed this morning. I was ashamed to let them see all the old french fries and crumbs in the back seat, so I let Kallie and Vita have a go at it before we left. We should have named Kallie "Hoover"!

This afternoon we went back to the sprinkler park. Suzy, Abby, and Zoey went with us today. They loved it just as much as Savy does.

Here are Abby and Zoey in their cute little bikinis. They were all over the place! Poor Suzy...I don't know how she does it!

Savy was all over the place, too....luckily, there is only one of her to keep up with.

As usual, I had to chase Savy when it was time to go. I wasn't paying attention and ran under one of the buckets just as it tipped over. Fortunately, I wore my swimsuit today, and I actually remembered to bring towels.

I also wrote a fan letter to Jon Lovitz today...actually more like a fan e-mail. Except, it wasn't actually an e-mail; I messaged him on MySpace (it's hard to get a celebrity's e-mail address). So I guess I should say I sent him a fan message....
Anyway, I hope he responds! That would be awsome!


Jennifer said...

OK, I'm going to ask a dumb question and I'm sure you will laugh.. Who is Jon Lovitz? Can you tell that I don't have time to watch TV but if I do it is usually Sprout (for the kiddos). I love all the pictures... especially the ones of the canines cleaning out your car..ha!

Christy said...

Jen, Jon Lovitz is an actor/comedian. He was on SNL in the late 80's, and has been in quite a few movies and sitcoms. He is hilarious and one of my favorite funny men.

Suzie said...

Christy, We are ready to go back anytime!! Thank you for inviting us.. we had a great time and the nap the girls took afterwards was WUN-DER-FULL!!!