Saturday, July 5, 2008


For quite some time, I've had this dream of having my house or garden featured in the magazine Southern Living. The problem is (even if photographers did show up wanting to do a piece on my home), my house is never in any shape to be featured in a decorating magazine. I love our house, and I think I've decorated it quite well so far. However, there is usually only one clean room at any given time. I straighten one room, and by the time I'm on to the next one, the clean one is messy again.

Jon was looking at all the pictures on the memory card yesterday, and he noticed I have been taking pics of different rooms in our house. I guess he thought that was odd...he asked "What are you doing, cleaning one room and then taking a picture of it?" Busted. I had intended to get photos of every room in a clean state, then post them all at once on this blog. I'm pretty sure Southern Living will never feature my house, but if I did this then all you guys might assume that I took all those pics on the same day and think to yourselves "Wow, Christy sure is a great homemaker....look how nicely decorated....and so neat and clean, too!"

Now that Jon has figured out my plan, he will ridicule me relentlessly unless I fess up. are photos of a couple of rooms....cleaned and photographed several days apart.

The dining room. I like how the sun is making the bowl of pears glow in the second pic.

The master bath. The last one is a close-up of my bird's nest fern and my bronze snail on the tub.

The living room wasn't clean, but I did take pics of the built-ins...the one to the left of the tv nook is pictured (I'm not sure what happened to the pic of the right one).

The last two are my favorite arrangements...can you tell I love New Orleans?

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Jennifer said...

OK, your house is AWESOME!!!!! It is decorated so cute! You did a GREAT job!!!!