Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day Of School!!!!

It has been a looong day. As much as I'd like to go to bed right now, I know there will be some VERY disappointed people if I don't post about Savannah's first day of Kindergarten.

I didn't have any trouble getting Savy up this morning...she was excited and ready to go. She picked out her first day of school outfit yesterday, so getting dressed was no problem this morning. Like I said before, she already has her own personal style.

That skirt is pure BLING! The shoes are pretty blingy too...she was very sparkly today.

New lunchbox - favorite color (red) with a ballerina on it.

Hello Kitty backpack

Savannah and Scarlett just before we left. The lighting was terrible inside, and their expressions remind me of "American Gothic."

All that's missing is a pitchfork.

Much better outside

We ran into Savannah's friend, Maeson, in the parking lot. They were so disappointed they aren't in the same class (there are 3 Kindergarten classes), but they did get to play together at recess.

Jon and I (and of course, Scarlett) walked her in this morning. We hung around for a few minutes to make sure she was going to be ok. Once she was in the classroom with the other kids, she was fine.

She said she enjoyed her first day of school, but there were only 3 things that bothered her...

1. "It was a long day." Savy's used to preschool being only 5 hours...Kindergarten is 8-2:45.

2. "Nap time wasn't long enough." They don't really intend for them to sleep at nap time, just take a short rest.

3. "There's no afternoon snack time!" If you know Savannah, there's really nothing I need to say about this one.

Other than those 3 things, she had a great day. I wonder how long it'll be before the excitement wears off and I have to start dragging her out of bed every morning...

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