Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheer Camp

Savy's school had a cheer camp Saturday morning. The elementary girls went to learn and practice cheers with the cheerleaders, and they'll perform at the pep rally Friday and at halftime at the game Friday night. Savy was very she is before she left.

I got a tip from a friend that there was a lady selling retired varsity cheer outfits at the school Saturday morning. I picked one up for Savannah to use later won't be hard at all to alter it to fit her. When Scarlett saw it, she insisted on trying it on IMMEDIATELY.

Look at that smile...she loves it!

We went to watch the girls demonstrate what they'd learned before camp was over. Savy was pretty tired....and definitely much less excited than she had been that morning.

Scarlett was mesmerized and kept wanting to go out to cheer with them.

Savy's still excited about the pep rally and game, but she's really more into playing sports than cheering. I imagine the thrill will wear off before long. Scarlett, however, is going to be the cheerleader type... judging by what we've seen so far.

Pet updates....Meaux is still getting spoiled rotten. He enjoys being pushed around in a doll stroller.

He's still Vita's little shadow. Vita is pretty tolerant, and she seems to like having a playmate again.

Vita warning Meaux not to touch her ball...

Tug of war

Then Savannah joined in

Meaux is always right on Savannah's heels....

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Nanny said...

Really enjoyed these pictures, Christy. That's the cutest little dog. Savy is growing up so fast,and Scarlett also. They are ssuch pretty little girls.