Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Additions

Time to play catch-up again. We brought these little girls home a few weeks ago.

Rosetta, Zuba, Sweetie, and Daisy. They are quite a bit bigger now. We actually have one more now that's not in the photo...we got her a few days after these chicks.

As soon as the days were warm enough, they started getting outside playtime in their coop.

Savannah has been playing spring soccer. This year she is in Arlington Rec Soccer on an all girls team.

And here's something new I did in Scarlett's room. Granny Ruth gave us this huge mirror. I put it in Scarlett's room because she loves to "primp."

A bucket for crowns, jewelry, shoes, etc.

Hooks for her favorite dress-up outfits.

She loves it.