Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Can You Accomplish In Just 5 Minutes?

I took my eyes off the girls for 5 minutes to finish up work for the day and call report. When I was done, I discovered....

Scarlett had pulled all Savy's dress-up clothes out AGAIN, she emptied the contents of Savannah's garbage can onto the bedroom floor, she pulled about half the feathers off Savy's purple feather boa and scattered them all over the kitchen, and she put a few random objects into the dog's water bowl.

As for Savannah, she had filled the bath sink with soapy water. Then she took Miss Penny into her bathroom and proceeded to try to give her a bath. In the process, she got soapy water all over the floor, which Scarlett slipped on when she ran in after me. Soapy water all over the floor, dog, and little sister.

Oh, and somehow during all this (though no one is really sure how a puppy got out of the kennel) one of them managed to pee on the rug before it let itself BACK into the kennel (again, a mystery).

Not bad for just 5 minutes.....

I am SO ready to get to Rosemary Beach!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Strange Characters

Savy and Scarlett decided to play dress-up tonight. I wasn't fast enough to get pics of Scarlett, but Savannah posed for a shot...pun intended.

Even Miss Penny got a costume, and she didn't seem to mind a bit. I still can't get over how great she acts with the girls.

I found Savannah earlier today with Miney (or maybe it's Eenie) all wrapped up in a tiny blankie.

Sound asleep

Daily exercise in the back yard. The puppies crawl all over Savannah when they're out of the kennel. Miss Penny took advantage of the "puppysitter" and relaxed with a rawhide chew.

Miney has the sweetest little face!

Nap interrupted by Meenie pulling Savy's hair. Her name fits...she is a mean little thing.

Vita relaxed under a nearby tree...Scarlett thinks it's so funny when she wallows in the grass.

I tried a new chocolate mousse recipe this week. I thought it was pretty good.

Savannah looked like this when I sat the bowl down in front of her.

Most kids would be excited about chocolate pudding, right? Not Savy. She is now suspicious of EVERYTHING I cook, thinking there's some sort of vegetable hidden in there....of course, she's usually right. She wouldn't eat the mousse, even though I didn't tell her it was made with avacados.

Scarlett seemed to like it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Puppy Post

Yes, I already did one post today, but here's one more.

I cleaned and pressure washed the patio today. Actually, I did a lot more than that, but that's the only thing I actually got finished.

The puppies got to go outside for some exercise and sunshine today.

Meenie and Moe...they look just alike, but Moe is just a little bit smaller.


Miney with the little stripe on her back. She was the runt, but she's catching up now.

Break for a nap

These puppies are tuckered!

Sprinkler Park

Savannah has been asking to go to the sprinkler park for weeks, so yesterday we joined Suzie, Abby, and Zoe for some fun. Scarlett wasn't really old enough to enjoy it last year, but she loves it now.

Scarlett was curious about the buckets, but she wasn't brave enough to get under them.

Savannah decided to give her a little help.
Leading her to the buckets....

Waiting underneath for the buckets to fill....


They had a great time.

Here's a pic from last week. Scarlett wants to be just like big sis. Savannah was riding her bike, and Scarlett just had to ride Savannah's old bike. It's much too big, but she insisted on wearing the helmet and all the padding. Then she made Jon push her around after Savannah....her legs aren't long enough to pedal yet.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Additions

We have some house guests staying with us for a while. This little momma dog and her four puppies were going to go to animal control last last week. Jon saw their photo on Hollywood Feed's facebook page and called about them....and here they are. The mommy dog is literally skin and bones - she was abandoned by her owners.

The puppies are 7 days old now, and Savy is having a ball taking care of them. Momma's new name is Miss Penny, and the puppies are Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Moe - three females and one male. I took this photo the day after we got them.

Savy and Scarlett played water hopscotch today.

Jon watched the girls play while I worked on Lesa's table and benches. It's ready to be painted and stained.

I can really get a lot done when I don't have any distractions.