Sunday, July 11, 2010

I finally made it to the I can start my week off! I've got lots on my to-do list for this week - but don't I always?

Savy gave us quite a scare last night. Jon bought a new kind of fruit juice (one of those multipacks from Costco) yesterday, and Savy drank one when they got home. About 30 minutes later she'd developed a severe petechial rash all around her mouth. I've seen that sort of petechial reaction over the whole body in response to IV antibiotics before (from my ICU days), but never just from a drink. She was also rubbing her eyes and scratching her face. I always keep children's benadryl handy, so we had her dosed up in no time. This photo doesn't really show how bad it was - her whole upper lip is covered with little spots, and the chin was really worse than it looks here.

It's better today, but it will take a few days for the redness to fade.

This is what I did yesterday afternoon.

I tinted the small arched panes at the top of our front windows with this.

No, I wasn't paid to write this review. We didn't have any way to cover that part to keep the sun out, so the sun blared in every morning. It was very easy to apply, and I definitely noticed the study didn't get as warm today. Now I'm thinking about using it in the sunroom...I'm sure that will be a little more difficult than these four small windows were.

Granny Ruth went home this morning, and Savannah missed her today. I got spoiled having her here to take care of the girls all week!


Lea said...

Hi Christy,

I was researching becase my son has this on his face and noticed this pic of your daughter (smiliar to his). Did hers go away aftet a few days or did you need to take her to the doctor? I think this happened after my son had salt water taffy or coconut chicken I made, but wondering what type of juice your daughter drank so thatI can compare ingredients. Thanks :)

Christy said...

It actually turned out not to be the juice. She developed this rash a couple more times, and I finally figured out what was causing it. She was putting one of the cups (from her toy dish set) over her mouth, then sucking the air out of it. The suction was causing a big hickey all around her mouth. I guess it also made her lips itch. Once I told her not to do that anymore, we've had no more "rashes." I hope you find out what's causing your son's rash.

Anonymous said...

How funny.. I googled and clicked on the picture because my daughter Savannah (ha!) has the same rash/bruise on her chin.. but she was playing with her tea set this morning so I think thats what happened??