Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back In The Saddle

Yesterday Savy rode her bike for the first time since she fell off and broke her arm. She wasn't afraid, but she did make Jon promise to stay right beside her and catch her if she fell.

She did wrecks this time.

When Jon and I upgraded our phones, we gave Savy my old i-phone because she was constantly asking to borrow ours. It's not an actual phone anymore, but she uses it to watch cartoons and play games. Jon was downloading some new (free) games from i-tunes for her the other day. He made the mistake of letting her watch how he did it. She got on right after (before it logged him out) and puchased about $20 worth of games on there. Who knew you had to start worrying about that kind of thing at 4 years old? Our little Savy is very savvy.

This is Savy's newest pet. She's been catching all kinds of critters with the bug catching kit Jon bought her - bugs, frogs, and now a crawfish.

He is definitely not happy about being a pet. We only keep her "pets" for a day or two, then we let them go. She and Jon were at the pond setting a bullfrog free, and they came across this guy...he'll probably be freed tomorrow.

We went to the playground today. Scarlett liked the toddler swing this time, and Savy was excited to get to push her.

Savy decided to give the "big kid" swings a go this time.

But she went back to the toddler swing because I won't let her go as high in the other ones. I'm afraid she'll jump off...anyone who knows Savy knows that she's a little daredevil.

A large group of kids showed up up on some kind of field trip, so we took a little break for snacks and drinks.

Savy went back and played for a little longer...until one of the boys said something mean and hurt her feelings. Is it wrong that I wanted to tell her she should have punched him? Ok, I did tell her she should have punched him, but she knows better than that and told me that wouldn't have been nice. I know she could've kicked his behind though! It's just a good thing she's not as quick-tempered as her mommy. If she'd told me about it before we left, I would've ratted on him to his is a public playground, after all.

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Ann said...

So glad Savy got her cast off and isnt afraid to ride her bike!