Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Check-In

Baby bird update - they're actually starting to look like birds.

Goldfinch eating seeds from Savy's sunflowers.

We have several that come every day to eat seeds on the back porch...Savy loves watching them.

Last night we watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Savannah LOVED them. She has never sat and watched two movies back to back before, but she didn't get up once until the last one was over. Now she can't wait to go to the theatre for Toy Story 3.

Scarlett - very pleased with herself because she swiped Savannah's crackers

You have absolutely got to make this soup

And this chicken

That's what I made for dinner last night, and it was awesome! I sauted a strip of bacon and added it to the soup before the final step, and we garnished it with sour cream - perfection!

Timmy is still hanging in there. I was sure Savy would overfeed him and kill him, but she's actually doing pretty good. Today his tank got a makeover...we cleaned it and added some polished glass pebbles.

I cleaned out my closet today, and Savannah tried on all my shoes. Here she is wearing my knee high boots...this girl loves heels.

Savy wanted to roll her hair after her bath tonight. Scarlett's never seen her with rollers...she's not too sure what to think about it.

Tomorrow is Savy's checkup with the orthopedist. We're hoping she will be able to get her cast off. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for her!


Anonymous said...

good luck! I hope she gets her cast off!

Ann said...

I forgot to leave my name Ha! Savy and Scarlett are getting so big!Post above was from me also.

joven said...

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