Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Has It Been A Week Already?

Time is just flying by these days! I've got about a week to catch up on. I miss being able to sit down and write (type) an actual "story", but these quickie posts are about the best I can do right now.

This was taken last Friday - it's the last photo I got of the baby birds before they left the nest. Savy misses them terribly.

I took this pic of Savannah last week too. She had just finished her Sheridan's frozen custard - can you tell what flavor she had?

Photo of Scarlett that Lisa took when we were at the botanic gardens.

Mimi came to visit Saturday. We went shopping and to lunch, then she spent the night with us Saturday night.

Mimi brought cookies for Savy to decorate....icing and sprinkles are her favorite.

Sunday morning we had brunch at Texas de Brazil with our neighbors Jim and Suzie. Here's Savy and Scarlett in front of one of the torches out can see the Peabody Hotel in the background.

Mimi also brought another present - a whole lot of fireworks from Pappi. We put Scarlett in the jogging stroller and covered her up with mosquito netting.

Then Savy and Jon got down to business.

Granny Ruth got here Sunday night to spend the week with us. Savy has stuck to her like glue since she arrived. I'm getting spoiled because she keeps the girls occupied all day. They are going to really miss her when she leaves - I will too!

Mimi brought Savy's pool last weekend. We set it up today under the patio (so we don't have to worry about getting sunburned). Jon had the great idea of putting foam squares under it to protect the bottom from getting punctured. It's pretty big!

Yeah, I'm getting in there tomorrow!

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Ann said...

Love the pool!