Saturday, January 30, 2010

Savy was anxious to play in the snow again today. It was actually ice on top of snow. After breakfast, we made a "sled" out of a diaper box. Then we bundled up and headed over to the vacant house behind us and across the has a very steep driveway.

Savy had a great time, but it was so cold and windy. Scarlett was perfectly happy all bundled up in her stroller. I was glad when Savy said she was done.

Jon checked the roads for me this afternoon and said they were clear, so I went to the gym tonight. Tomorrow morning Mimi and Papi are coming to visit (unless Mom changes her mind again), and Krista is coming to visit and spend the night with us tomorrow...can't wait!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I knew it was coming...snow and ice today. As soon as Savy saw the snow this morning, she couldn't think about anything else. I stalled as long as I could, but we eventually had to bundle up and go outside to play.

This stuff is going to be so slick tomorrow after all the slush freezes. Savy already has plans to slide down the hill on a piece of cardboard.

I've been quite bored today. Jon braved the roads to return our camera which died this morning. We forgot to purchase the protection plan when we bought it, so we were very relieved to find out that we still had a day to return often does that happen? Usually, any new purchase will break one or two days AFTER the return deadline. So, there's a new camera on the way, with a protection plan this time.

I was planning on going to the gym tonight or tomorrow, but I guess I'll settle for using the pilates reformer upstairs...since we're snowed in. I'm really starting to like that machine for abdominal workouts. I'm very excited that my belly-button is actually starting to look like a normal one again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I had a lot of housework I needed to catch up on today, but I just couldn't let the beautiful weather go to waste. I took care of a few "musts" this morning, then I bundled the girls up for a walk. Vita joined us. I took the camera, but I forgot the memory I only took one pic with my phone.

Scarlett loved the change of scenery...I know she gets tired of being cooped up in the house just like the rest of us. I can't believe we're supposed to have snow or ice in a day or two. I'm so ready for summer!

Jon was a real sweetheart tonight and kept the girls while I went to a movie. I saw Avatar in 3-D...awesome movie! It's been a good day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I know I say this every time I work, but this has seriously been a BUSY week at work! Sunday night we had a few friends over for dinner and a movie. Jon grilled fillets, and I made mushroom risotto and sweet cornbread. Savy had a great time, and everyone loved the meal. We watched "District Nine" after dinner.

Monday Jon took Savy to her friend Maeson's birhtday party at "Pump It Up." She had a blast, and she was so happy to see her little friend again.

Last night we went to open house at the school Savy is going to attend. She was actually supposed to start pre-K this fall, but I'm just not ready to put her in school all day Monday through Friday. I think we'll just keep her in the preschool she's in now for one more year. She's already learned so much there...we'll start real kindergarten next year.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We've been enjoying my week off. Krista came to visit us Wednesday...I lured her here with the promise of sushi. She loved the Japanese buffet. There's sushi for Krista, "normal" stuff like grilled steaks and veggies for me, and kid stuff like fries and chicken nuggets for Savy. It's funny how Savy, who is so picky, likes to eat at this restaurant because of the chopsticks. They rig them up for her with rubber bands and a rolled up piece of paper so they're easy for a child to use. She eats things here that she normally wouldn't even try.

Nanny and Lee Otis came to visit yesterday. As soon as they walked in, Savy was dragging "Lee Lollis" (Lee Otis) to her playroom. Nanny got to spend lots of quiet time with Scarlett...thankfully she's been in a better mood this week.

The weather was nice enough for Savy to ride her scooter outside.

Here's a recipe I tried Wednesday night that I want to share. I thought this was really good...if you like mushrooms, you'll love this.

I used green peppers instead of red. Mine doesn't look like the photo on the actual recipe, but it was still good.

We're heading into town today for a Costco trip. We're having some friends over tomorrow...Jon's making grilled fillets and I'm making the wonderful mushroom risotto to go with them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have a whole list of stuff I want to do this week, and I started with cleaning out my closet yesterday. I had to break out the jumper attachment for the Amby...this was the first time Scarlett experienced it, so it kept her entertained for quite a while.

Savy wanted to get in it too. I told her she wouldn't fit, but she is so stubborn (wonder where she gets that?)...she had to give it a try anyway.

This morning, I dropped Savy off at school, then came home and did a little cleaning. Scarlett and I had lunch at S&P before we picked Savy up. Also on my list - learn how to use this new, I still haven't had time to do it. So I did a little playing around while waiting at the gas station for the tank to fill. At least I had time to learn how to use the timer. Have you ever noticed how everybody always looks great when they have on a pair of sunglasses? See...instant cool!

Then we headed to town...Savy had an appointment to get her second (and last) H1N1 shot. It was terrible! She knew she was getting a shot the second we pulled into the parking lot at the office, and I had to hold her down while she screamed and cried. Luckily, Jon reminded me to get her a couple of zhu-zhu pets...I gave her one before the shot and one after, and all was forgiven. They're pretty cute.

After the doctor, we went to Target to try to find a house and exercise ball for the new pets, but no luck. Target didn't even have any of the hamsters...the entire area was completely bare. I guess I was lucky our WalMart had them in stock last night. Maybe the dinosaurs ate them before committing this home invasion.

Since we couldn't find any presents for her new pets, Savy got some ice cream instead.

And, since we were at the Carriage Crossing anyway, I did a little shopping. Here's Savy at Ann Taylor trying on a pair of leopard heels....she's a shoe-gal, just like her mommy!

Savy is fascinated with these statues at Carriage Crossing.

We had a pretty good day...well, except for the shot.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am soooo tired today. Scarlett was super fussy last night and refused to go to sleep in her bed. Jon and I both tried...she would fall asleep in our arms, but as soon as we put her down she was wide awake and screaming. I finally gave up and let her sleep in our bed, but she still woke up every hour or so. Maybe I'll be able to sneak a nap this afternoon.

Jon and Savy went upstairs yesterday while I was finishing my last day of work. Savy loves going up there and poking around in all the old baby toys...she loves playing on the exercise equipment too. Jon called me up to see her superhero costume.

I guess she's "Block Girl." What an imagination! Jon was playing guitar while they were up there, and that put Savy in the mood to play hers. She pulled out her little acoustic last night before bed. The entryway was her "stage" and she put on a show for us.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My poor blog has been so neglected. This is my week to work, plus Scarlett has been especially demanding lately. I'm ready for my week off...come on, Monday!

We got just a light snow this week. Savy was disappointed that school was cancelled, and even more disappointed that there wasn't enough snow to build a snowman. She was remembering the snow from last year. This one just didn't live up to her expectations.

Here are some pics of Savy, Scarlett, and Kiki "camping" in the living room. Kiki is the most tolerant cat in the world...she plays with Savy all the time and is never upset by anything. Savy gives her "shots" with her little doctor kit, checks her ears, etc, and Kiki is just glad to have the attention. Ezra has a pretty short fuse and bites Savy when he's had enough.

I took these tonight just to show you guys how long Scarlett's hair is. Right after her bath, it curls up on top of her cute! Click on the pics and you can really see the curls.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scarlett's First Bananas

Mimi spent the night with us last night, so Jon and I got to have another "date night." Mom, Savy, Scarlett, and I did a little shopping and had lunch this morning before Mom left. I got to go to the gym again this afternoon. It's been a pretty good week.

Scarlett had her first taste of bananas tonight. This was the first time she's had anything other than milk or plain rice cereal, and she loved it. She kept grabbing the spoon and pulling it into her mouth...I eventually had to hold her hands down to keep her from making a huge mess.

We let Savy have some ice cream after dinner. Once Scarlett saw that, she forgot all about the bananas. We got a video of Scarlett coveting the ice cream is so pitiful! Listen closely to what Savy says at the end...she is so funny!