Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Savannah's Room Continued....

Savannah's room is pretty much finished now. The special suprise I ordered finally got here today, and Savannah loved it. There are a few minor things to finish, but I'm anxious to show you guys...so here it is!

If you want to build one yourself, see my previous post which has links to the plans I used. Jon pointed out that the link didn't pull up the actual plans, so I've fixed that now. The ladder is removeable. I put it in the closet during the day so Scarlett can't sneak up to the top.

Top view. Savy loves having a queen-size bed...plenty of room for her favorite stuffed animals to sleep with her. I made it a bit bigger than I needed so there are a few inches extra on each side of the mattress. I'm very glad I did that...it makes putting the fitted bottom sheet on a LOT easier.

This is the surprise I was waiting for.

You can't really see it in the photo because it's so bright, but this little chandelier is sooooo cute and perfect for her little playhouse area under the bed. Scarlett inherited Savy's twin bed and absolutely loves sleeping in it now. We were going to put the toddler bed in the attic, but Savannah said she wanted it in her room. She calls it her "morning bed", whatever that means. I threw some pillows on it so she can use it like a daybed/sofa, and I'm going to take that guardrail off.

There's plenty of space to display her favorite toys.

There's a nice little playspace by the windows now. I'm not sure yet what to do with this space yet. For now, it's just a place to throw stuffed animals.....

Savannah's fairy door is still there....we're just waiting for her to get a loose tooth so the Tooth Fairy will come back.

The room feels so much bigger now, and Savy loves it. I'm so glad to be done with that project!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Unveiling

Wow, it has been a while since my last post! I've been hard at work on Savannah's loft bed. I wanted to wait until the whole room was redecorated, but I'm too impatient. So I'll post pics of the bed now, then I'll post more later when I've finished the room.

But first, some random photos I had in my camera....

Scarlett playing in her new ballpit

Savannah and Scarlett playing on the playset Santa brought.

Savannah and Simba all dressed up for Maeson's tea party/birthday party.

Savannah's "Hundredth Day of School" project. She collected these acorns on the playground and wanted to use them in her project. There are exactly 100 acorns glued to that poster.

Ok, so this plan was modified from one of Ana White's. The original plan was for a twin size loft bed, and I modified it to fit a queen mattress, added a few more mattress supports, etc. Here's a pic of the bed when I first got started

When I'd finished the bookshelves

And the ladder

These were taken right after I finished, so ignore the exposed screws on the guardrail...those will be covered soon.


A view of the top

You guys have no idea how glad I am to be finished with this. I've only built kid-sized or toddler-sized furniture before. This is a queen sized loft bed, so I believe that qualifies as adult furniture even though I built it for Savannah. It turned out even better than I hoped, with no "Oh, crap" moments...you know, those times when you realize in the middle of a project that you've made a big mistake.

Savannah loves it, and she slept on it for the first time last night. Now I've got to move her old bed out of her room and into Scarlett's room. Then I need to finish decorating Savy's room...mount the tv on the wall and hang her reading lamp and artwork back up.

Whew! So, to the man at Ace Hardware who chuckled and asked me, "Got a little project going on, have you?" when I was getting a few supplies....and to the clerk at Lowe's who said, "Keeping your husband busy, huh?" when I was buying the wood for this project- boooyah! Do I get some sort of honorary penis now? Who says women can't build awesome stuff?!