Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

Scarlett is 2 years old today! We had a Blue's Clues party because that's Scarlett's favorite cartoon. We had pizza - Scarlett's favorite food - for lunch.

After lunch we had cake and ice cream. Amy made the cake for us, and it was too cute.

Scarlett loved it!

Blowing out her candles with a little (secret) help from Daddy.

So proud of herself!

Scarlett couldn't wait for us to cut the cake...she just dug right in.

Turning blue.....

Time for presents...

Savannah insisted Scarlett had to have a pinata for her party. We started out with a little soft bat.

Then a real one....

Savannah's turn...

After a few good whacks, she decapitated the pinata.

We left the head hanging there as a warning to other pinatas.

Resting and enjoying some candy with Mimi and Pappi.

I can't believe she's 2 years old now...can't believe she'll be starting preschool next month. My girls are growing up too fast.

Here are some pics I didn't get a chance to post last week. We hung up Savy's fairy door last week. The Tooth Fairy came to visit that night, and she left a note!

It says, "Dear Savannah, I was so excited to see you have a fairy door! I checked on your teeth while you were asleep. I didn't find any loose ones, but I bet it won't be too long. I'll be back soon." And it's signed "The Tooth Fairy."

Savannah found her note the next morning.

Thrilled she got a note from the Tooth Fairy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cutest Idea Ever

I was researching online last week and (quite by accident) came across this blog with the cutest idea. I don't even remember what I was looking for at the time, but as soon as I saw the fairy door, I knew I had to make one for Savannah immediately. And I'm not kidding when I say immediately...I actually woke Scarlett up from her nap and hustled the girls to Hobby Lobby for supplies as soon as I finished reading the post. I couldn't find what I was looking for...a one piece type kit that I could just paint quickly and easily. So I got a dollhouse door (like in the blog post I'd read) and some other supplies and got to work.

I admit I totally copied her idea....right down to the rainbow door because Savannah is ALL ABOUT rainbows right now.

I've gotta tell you, this was neither quick nor easy. Like I said, I couldn't find anything that was just one paintable piece. I cut the wood for the door surround and found some printable dollhouse paper online for the "bricks". The porch is just a small piece of 1/3 wood.

Also totally copied the inside....

Savannah's name written on the other side so the Tooth Fairy will know who's door it is when she needs to come to collect teeth.

It looks a little beat-up because I could NOT keep Savannah away from it while I was trying to make it. Scarlett got to it a few times too.

I actually intended to make a fairy ROOM....found this idea a little later....yep, I was slightly obsessed. I finally decided I just didn't want to deal with cutting a hole in the wall right now, so I stuck with the original idea.

After I FINALLY finished it yesterday, I went to a different Hobby Lobby to get some party decorations for Scarlett's birthday party - and guess what I saw!

Arrgghh!!! That was EXACTLY what I was looking for in the first piece that could just be painted!!!!

So now our neighbors - Abby/Zoe and Avonlea/Violet have their very own fairy doors too. The down-side to these is that they don't open. The "rules" say that fairy doors can only be opened by fairy magic...not by humans. The idea is to leave notes, gifts, teeth, etc just outside the door, and the fairies will come to visit at night while the kiddos sleep. Savannah's fairy door can be opened by humans because it was specially made by Mommy ...I told her I used the magic rock Tinkerbell gave her at DisneyWorld to make this possible.

To give an idea of the size...

Savannah said she loves her door better than the others because she can open it to peek into "FairyWorld", so that makes it worth the extra effort it took to make hers.

She wanted it to hang high on the wall rather than at floor level....not a problem since fairies can fly....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Looks Like He's Staying

It looks like Moe may be staying with us. He's such a little sweetie, and the girls absolutely love him. Vita seems to like him a lot too. He cuddles up to my feet every night when I go to sleep, which is great because my feet are ALWAYS cold.

Jon came home with this new collar for him last night...cute, cute, cute tiny black leather Harley Davidson collar with silver studs.

And a name tag. I had a hard time getting a good pic of him wearing it...see how mischievous he looks....

He tried to eat the camera just as I snapped the pic. My goodness, Grandma, what big tonsils you have....

"Ok, ok, I promise I'll be good this time....go ahead and take your picture."

Fooled ya!

I finally just took the collar off to get a good pic of the name tag. Savannah insisted he have a "Mr.", and we changed the spelling to "Meaux" cause we just think it's cooler than "Moe."

I was greeted by this when I walked into Savannah's bathroom this afternoon.

See those waxy little kisses ALL OVER the mirror? When I asked her why she did it, she said, "Because I love myself so much." Hmmmm....Naricissus?

Fun for tonight....Look, it's Flava Meaux!