Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun

Mimi brought Savannah a new pool last week, and she finally talked me into setting it up today. I set up Scarlett's little hippo pool too.

Of course, Savannah insisted on putting the slide in.

Scarlett was right behind her - she always wants to do what big sister is doing.

Here's Scarlett changing her mind...

Savannah talked her into it and held her hand on the way down.

Made it down safely, but she didn't want to do it again.

Savannah has no fear

Savannah got that rash on her face again today. Remember, the petechial rash she gets around her mouth from time to time that we've always thought was a food allergy? I finally figured out what's been causing it.

It popped up again today, and it was really bad. I had just looked at her five minutes earlier, and I knew it wasn't there at that time....weird that it developed that quickly.

Me: "What did you just eat?"
Her: "Nothing."
Me: "What did you just drink?"
Her: "Nothing."
Me: "What did you just do?"

And she showed me what she'd done. She had put one of her little play cups over her mouth and sucked all the air out, creating a vacuum. So her food allergy is actually just a big hickey. I never would have guessed that was what was causing her "rash."

Vita and the pups played while the girls were in the pool.

I love this pic of Vita and's so sweet.

Vita is starting to like the puppies, but she doesn't want to share her toys. Moe loves Vita's little blue tennis ball....thinking about going for it....

Getting ready to pounce...

Just a little closer....

Meenie created a diversion, and Moe snagged the ball....

Meenie (running scared) realizing she should have stayed out of it....

The pups cooled off in the pool after all that playing.

Meenie didn't seem to like it too much.

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