Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pajama Day

Today was pajama day at Savy's preschool. I actually got the date right this year...last year I sent her in her pj's a day early. She insisted on wearing her long fleece gown instead of pajamas, so I made her wear a pair of capri leggings underneath for warmth.

Scarlett is super fussy lately because of her teething. Jon made her a "sugar tit" tonight. He put a spoonful of raw turbinado sugar in a dry washcloth then tied it shut with a string so it made a tight little ball. She loved it!

I'm anxiously awaiting my follow up with Dr Vasu on Thursday. As far as I know, I'm supposed to start the injections after that visit. I've been so tired for the last two days. I've tried to take a nap yesterday and today, but I keep getting interrupted. Maybe tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

hey, I'll be home tomorrow around noon.. let me know if you want me to watch the girls.. they can play.. :)