Thursday, December 16, 2010

Follow Up

I saw Dr Vasu for my follow up appointment today. He answered some more of our questions, discussed all the treatment options with us, and drew some more blood. I'll be starting copaxone as soon as all the details are worked out. It's a daily injection, but it's the least likely to cause me any side effects. He's still optimistic, and he also encouraged me to start exercising again ASAP...I'm looking forward to it.

Savannah got out of school early today, and she was very excited to find out Nanny and Lee Ottis were waiting for her when she got home. They kept the girls while I was at my md appointment. Savy's school Christmas program was tonight, and all the kiddos were adorable.

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Nanny said...

Your Christmas lights are beautiful. Your house looks so pretty. I tried to look back and see it from afar when we left tonight. We were so happy to see you today, and also keep the girls. We love you!