Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enchanted Forest

This morning we went to the Pink Palace museum to visit the enchanted forest with Maeson and her mom. Savannah couldn't wait to see Maeson again...those girls are like peas and carrots. I really hope they are in the same class when they start kindergarten next year.

Loved this gingerbread display

We looked at a few exhibits after the enchanted forest (we didn't have time to do the whole museum today). I thought this miniature moving circus was awesome.

I finally got my wedding dress out for this year's wedding dress project pictures. I picked a really bad time...Scarlett was fussy and the lighting was terrible. At least Savannah was cooperative, and I got a few cute ones of her.

I let her wear the veil this time.

Scarlett was only good for a couple of shots...

After that, she was done.

I'm definitely going to have to redo these...a day with better light and Jon to help.

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Ann said...

Love the picture of Savannah wearing the veil and dress. Especially the second one. I hope you get some better ones with Scarlett.