Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're Back

We finally made it home and are recovering from the holiday. We had a great Christmas. Jon and I were pretty busy getting ready for Santa after the girls went to sleep Christmas Eve.

Savy was worried that Santa wouldn't like the milk (it was soy milk), but he drank almost all of it.

Granny Ruth was here Christmas morning to watch Savannah and Scarlett open presents. I love the look on Savy's face when she first sees all the gifts under the tree.

Savy's favorite gift was a plasma car from Santa, and Scarlett got a "Goldilicious" four-wheeler.

There were presents and wrapping paper all over the place. I got everything I asked for and more. I also got some very cool new a table saw and a nail gun.

After we were done here, we headed to Mimi's house for Christmas lunch and more presents.

Savy and her new "Jessie" doll watching Toy Story 2 in my bed.

Monday we took Granny Ruth home to Glen Allan and stayed with Lesa for a couple of days. Savy looooves her Aunt Lesa and didn't want to go home. Here she is on the deck of Lesa's lake house telling me that we are most definitely coming back this summer to play in the water and go for boat rides!

Here's a close-up of the little table I made as one of Savannah's gifts. There's a storage area underneath for crayons, coloring books, or whatever.

We're all recovering from very nasty colds, but other than that we had a great holiday. I can't wait to play with my new toys...I've got lots of new projects in mind!


Nanny said...

What a good job on the little table for Savy. That looks good!!!We had a wonderful Christmas too, being with all of you. We watch the little video of Scarlett dancing with the little bear, and get such a thrill out of it. We love you!!

Christy said...

I forgot about that video...I've got to post it. Thanks for reminding me.