Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

We finally got around to getting the girls' photos made with Santa this week. They looked very cute in their little Christmas dresses. If you're wondering about the twinkle toes, Savannah insisted on wearing them for the pic. Here they are before they left...Scarlett wasn't in the best mood...

Unfortunately, Scarlett is at that stage where she wants nothing to do with strangers in funny costumes. They only got one picture where she wasn't crying, and this is it.

The girls had a good time drawing together when the got home.

Last night we went to Zoo Lights...thank you, Suzie, for the tickets! We had a great time.

Savy likes living dangerously...

The ice skating rink. Savy really wanted to ice skate, but since neither Jon nor I know how (and Savy definitely doesn't know how), we had to skip this.

Savy's favorite part was this slide.

After we left the zoo, we went to Old Venice for dinner. They had live music last night, and Savy really enjoyed hearing the band.

Now I've got to get everything ready...Santa comes tonight!

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