Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Batter Up!

Savannah's soccer season isn't quite over yet, and we've already started T-ball. Savy had her first t-ball practice Monday, and she did pretty good - especially considering she's never played before.
I really wish I could have gotten some photos of her batting, but I was chasing Scarlett around at the time she was up.
There'll be another t-ball practice Thursday, then soccer practice Friday, a soccer game Saturday, then the first t-ball game next week. Savannah's Kindergarten play and graduation are also next week. We are going to be busy, busy, busy!
I have another finished project to show off. I was never really happy with the bench I built a few years ago for the breakfast nook, so I built a bigger and better one. I finally finished painting it today, and I waited patiently all day for Jon to get home and help me move it into the house. As with anything new that comes into the house, Scarlett had to sit on it immediately.
Much better!