Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Little Ballerina

Lesa gave Savy this gingerbread house that plays Dance of the SugarPlum Fairies. Savy was pushing the play button over and over and pretending to be a was so adoreable the way she was dancing around! Of course, she wanted to quit as soon as I got the camera. I had to bribe her to dance one more time so I could get it on video, and she wasn't nearly as "into it" as she was before she was being filmed.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's So Quiet

Jon and Savy are visiting Ruth and Lesa, so I'm getting some alone time. It is so quiet just doesn't feel right.

I was so miserable last night. I thought my nausea was getting better for a few days, but it came back with a vengance yesterday. Last night I felt like I would throw up at any moment, I had a stomach ache, and I was so fatigued that I could barely get out of my chair. I must've had some sort of bug, because I was running a low grade fever and my muscles ached something fierce. I have also been pretty short of breath for the last two days. I didn't experience that with Savy, but apparently it is pretty common in the first trimester....I hope it doesn't last too long. I'm starting to realize how easy my first pregnancy was.

Ok, I'm finished complaining. I need to focus on how blessed we are to be expecting another baby. I know that many people go through month after month of disappointment...some even spend years trying to conceive. Most of you know that Savy was a (WONDERFUL) surprise after we had been married only a few months. This time, we had just recently been talking about having another, then....BOOM! We have never had to experience that waiting and disappointment, and I'm very thankful for that.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Wonderful Christmas

The Carter's invited us over for chili on Christmas Eve. I was finishing up work that afternoon and getting ready to go when I heard Savy start crying. She was playing in a box (what is it with kids and boxes?) and it tipped over with her. She hit the back of her head on the fireplace and got a pretty nasty gash. It bled and bled, and I was pretty sure it would need stitches. So off we went to the Baptist Collierville emergency room. Sure enough, the doc said it could use a couple of stitches. Savy fell asleep while we were holding the topical anesthetic pad onto the laceration, and she actually slept through the sutures! I was so thankful for that...she never even knew she got stitches.

Savy seemed fine when we left the er, so we went ahead with our chili plans. Savy loved visiting and ran around like nothing even happened...she's a tough little cookie.

Here's the video of Savy first thing Christmas morning. I woke her up, so she was still half-asleep when she saw what Santa brought. It didn't take her long to realize what was going on though!

After a little driving outside, we left for Mimi's house. We all ate way too much, except for Savy...she only ate a few bites of "roni-cheese". She couldn't be bothered by something as boring as eating when there were so many presents to be opened. She like all of them, but I think her favorite was the dollhouse.

I've been trying to recover from all the excitement. Of course I had to take a nap again this afternoon. The weather was awesome today...70 degrees! I managed to go for a run for the first time in a while....didn't do too bad. Tonight I took down the Christmas tree and all the indoor decorations. I'm leaving the outdoor stuff for Jon to take care of.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I'll tell you guys all about ours soon....including the Christmas Eve trip to the emergency room.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Almost Here!

We're ready for Santa! Jon put Savy's car together and plugged it up to charge last night. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning! We also got a little white wicker basket with a flower on it for her new bike....I don't know which one she'll head for first tomorrow. She's very excited to be going to Mimi's house too.

Last night, Savy must've thought her stocking was looking a little empty, because she filled it with styrofoam peanuts.

Oh, and I meant to tell you guys about this book last week. I knew Jon wanted to read this, so I surprised him with The Christmas Sweater by Glen Beck. He liked it so much that I had to read it when he was done. It is an excellent book with a great reminds you what is really important in life.

Monday, December 22, 2008

One Of Those Days

Last night I decided to try making some baked zucchini fries. My sister-in-law, Gloria, made some once when we were visiting, and they were really good. I didn't have her recipe, but this one I found on google turned out pretty good. Savy wanted to help, so I let her cut some zucchini with her toddler knife. This was her creation...she was so proud of it!

This is my finished product. I coated the slices with egg white, then rolled them in a mixture of bread crumbs, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Then I baked them at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. They are great served with ranch dressing, but make sure to eat them while they're hot.

After dinner, Savy entertained us with her musical talents.

I managed to go to the gym today and actually did pretty well for a change. I also managed to get through the whole day without having to take a nap! The nausea seems to be easing up a tiny bit.

One of Jon's coworkers threw a party tonight, so we visited for a little while. I had a nice time, but it wasn't so great for my self esteem. The last thing you want when you're pregnant is to be in a house full of people who are NOT pregnant. Especially when you are only about 8 weeks along but look like you are 5 months along. I'm not kidding. People are asking me if I know the sex yet for pete's sake...they look shocked when I say I'm only 8 weeks! I should post some belly shots this week so you guys can see for yourselves.
I had Savy's sippy cup of water in my purse on the way there. It leaked A LOT, and the inside of my purse was soaked. It also soaked through onto my shirt and pants while I had it on my shoulder. So not only did I get to walk in and feel like a big ole mom blob, but I also had a big ole wet spot on my butt. That would've been ok because water will dry and doesn't stain, right? Except there was a dark indigo crayon in the bottom, and the dark indigo paper on that crayon bled all over and soaked through to the outside. Now my favorite purse is ruined :( Jon said I should just continue to use it because "who cares if it's stained"....ummm, anyone care to answer that one for him?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Savy Says

Jon has been putting Savy to bed lately because I've been so tired and feeling sick. He called me in the other night to see her new bedtime routine. It's her version of the children's game Simon Says, but she calls it "having class." Jon has been playing along every night at bedtime, and I caught it on video last night. She's so cute telling us "good job" when we follow her instructions correctly. The game was cut short because she needed to use the potty....we forgot to turn off the camera, so you can hear us clapping in the background when she uses it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Starring Savy!

Well, not really. Tonight was the school Christmas play, and Savy sang with all the other children. It was really cute...I know they practiced a lot for it. Here's Savy before we left.

So here are the videos if anyone wants to watch. You can't really see Savy after she's can catch a glimpse of her now and then if you look behind and to the left of the boy with the green flannel pajamas.

There were refreshments after the play.

And then all the children ran and played for awhile.

Savy fell and got a slight case of carpet burn on her knee. Here I am kissing it to make it better.

She still needed more attention, so she walked over to this couple and told them about her boo-boo. I have no idea who they are, but they were nice enough to humor her and play along.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's Going On?

This is Savy asleep in the recliner this morning after waking up at 5 o'clock this morning and again at 7 am.

She has done this 3 days in a row...what's going on with her? Perhaps she just wants to remind us of the sleep we'll be losing come late July? She'd better cut it out or she just might get a roommate....aahhh, revenge. Just kidding, we wouldn't do that to her.

We went shopping today for a Christmas outfit for Savy's school play this Friday night. We had lunch at Red Robin, and she had a chocolate shake for dessert (we had a coupon for a free one). If you sign up for Red Robin's e-mail list, everyone in your family gets a freebie for their birthday...Jon got a coupon for a free burger this month.

Last night, we got Savy's big Christmas present.

It runs on a 12 volt battery and even has a working radio. She is going to absolutely love it! I can't wait to give it to her!

Jon is out getting her other present right now.

We saw one of these last night, but the floor model was the only one left at our local WalMart. Savy rode this little bike all over that store...she was just adoreable! If someone was standing in her way, she'd politely say "excuse me," and she'd say "thank you" when they moved out of her path. It was just so cute.

I'm off to give Savy a bath and then park myself in the recliner until bedtime...I'm exhausted after all that shopping.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Know I've Been Skipping Days

I promise I'll try to do better. I've just been feeling ill for awhile. I wasn't this nauseated with has gone from either nauseated or hungry to just nauseated all the time now. Savy woke up at 5 am yesterday, then again at 7 am. Jon put her in bed with me while he got ready for work, and we wound up sleeping til 10 am. Then I fixed her breakfast and napped on and off in my recliner til about 2 in the afternoon. I finally got up and cleaned the kitchen (it needed it badly), and that was about all I got accomplished yesterday.
This morning, I dropped Savy off at preschool and went to the gym. I did a little better at the gym today, but I'm still feeling guilty when I skip days. I'm determined to stay on goal with my weight gain! The only good thing about all this nausea is that I'm not eating all the time like I did with Savy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Day Party

Today was Makenzie's birthday...I had to work today, so Jon took Savy to the party. It was a paint-a-piece party. Here's Savy glazing her piece.

And here's Savy eating a birthday cupcake.

I've been exhausted all day. I started to make deviled eggs (because I was really craving them) but wound up being too tired to I just had hard-boiled eggs with salt. The only things that I feel like eating are on my "avoid" list because they are so fattening. Ugh...I hate being nauseated all the time. I hate being so tired even worse...I'm feeling very guilty about skipping the gym tonight. I guess I'll try to stay longer tomorrow to make up for it.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Savy used to enjoy going into the pantry and reorganizing everything. Lateley, she's been doing that again, sort of. She calls it "building sand castles"...she likes to get all the cans and plastic tubs and stack them up as high as she can. This is her most recent work.

She gets very upset if anyone takes it down.

Last night when she was playing in the pantry, she snuck something out and took it into her playroom.

What you are seeing here is a whole bag of dried beans poured onto her table and on the floor...she was going to cook them in her kitchen. I'll say it again...I don't know what gets into her! She certainly keeps me busy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's All Coming Back To Me Now...

I'm suddenly remembering things that I'd forgotten I experienced when I was expecting Savy...the extreme thirst, fatigue, having to pee every hour on the hour. I never had morning sickness with Savy, but I did have a lot of nausea. I was always either ravenously hungry or terribly in between....just hungry or nauseated. Same thing this time.

My workouts at the gym are pitiful right now. Dr. Cole (yes, I switched doctors) ok'd me to keep working out just as hard as I had been, but now I just don't have the energy. I intended to get a really great workout today, but I just barely managed to last 30 minutes. All I want to do is sit around and take naps. If I remember correctly, the fatigue eases up some after the first trimester, right?

As for switching doctors, we thought that after Savy's birth with the induction, 9 hours of labor, then resorting to a c-section, 2 failed epidurals, a failed spinal block, and finally having to put me under because I could feel everything they were doing (including when they cut me open)....well, we just wanted to make a fresh start with a new doctor....nothing personal. I like Dr. Cole and think she'll do just fine.

I was craving Mexican food today...particularly El Nopal. I loooovvvee the nachos El Nopal and thought I'd die if I didn't have some tonight. I really wanted some last night but tried to curb it by making quesadillas at home....didn't work out too well. I was extremely queasy the rest of the night....Jon joked "it's really bad when your own cooking makes you sick". Ha ha, Jon.

Anyway, Jon took me and Savy to El Nopal tonight so I could get my nacho craving taken care of. The owner always gives us Savy's meal for free...I guess because we go there fairly frequently. There's another Mexican place in town, but it's not nearly as good. I ate every bite of my meal and probably could've eaten more, but I'm honestly trying to be careful about not gaining too much weight this time around. I've got to limit myself to one meal out per week.

I'm anxiously waiting for something to come in the mail...I really, reeeeaaally hope it gets here before next week. I just got someone the BEST christmas present, and I cannot wait to give it! I don't want to give away the surprise, but I'll tell you guys all about it later.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere....

There were quite a few signs that this was going to happen, but I'll just share the most obvious with you guys....

Sorry for the poor picture quality....don't know what was up with my flash.

I had my first prenatal visit today. They did an ultrasound, and we saw the heart beating. I'm about 6 weeks along.

And, although the needle and thread test said we are having twins, the ultrasound tech said there's only one baby in there.....thank goodness!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rest Of The Street

Here's the rest of our street at there's only one house on the street without decorations. You can't see our two neighbors to the left in this one.

Here are the others to the left...Savy has to go visit Suzie's reindeer every time we go outside.

Savy stayed inside while I was taking these pics. Apparently, Jon called my cell phone while I was out there, and Savy actually answered it. She was talking to him when I came back in....we thought that was funny.

We didn't do much else today; it's my week to work. I did go to the gym when Jon got home, but that's about it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Decorations

We finally got around to decorating outside. Jon was ambitious this year....this is really the first year we've ever done more than just put up a tree. We were one of only two houses on the street without some sort of yard decor, so we thought we should participate. Here's a view of the front of the house.

A close-up of the middle front.

A close-up of the dining room window...I guess I should take my hummingbird feeder down for the winter.

I might take pics of the whole street tomorrow night. It is completely lit up most nights. Everyone has some sort of lights, lighted reindeer, or inflated snowglobes.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mimi's Visit

We met Mom in Cordova this morning for shopping and lunch. Savy was so excited on the way...she adores her Mimi. We had an excellent shopping day, and Mom found everything on her list. We also found two Melissa & Doug toys that I've been wanting to get for Savy. Mom got both of them for her...she let her have one now and will wrap the other for Christmas. We had lunch at Red Robin which is Savy's favorite restaurant. She was pretty good, but she wouldn't leave this plant alone.

Then she got an attitude when we made her stop playing with it.

She doesn't like being in trouble, so she distracted us by saying she had a's Mimi kissing it to make it better.

Then she pretended she was a doggie and ate M&Ms out of Mimi's hand.

It was a great day! Savy napped all the way home and has been in a great mood all afternoon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey Santa

Savy went to see Santa today, and Mrs. Claus was there too. She sat quietly and smiled for the camera, and Santa rewarded her with candy afterward. These are the three pics. The last one is messed up for some reason....they were sitting together and reading a book. I had to crop the bottom off, so you can't see the book.

I'm glad Savy isn't afraid of Santa like I was when I was young....every Santa photo has my mom standing beside Santa and holding me.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jon's Day Off

I dropped Savy off at preschool this morning and went to the gym for a while. Jon took the day off, so we got to have a pleasant lunch together at S&P. We picked Savy up after lunch and went into Memphis to run some errands.

Tonight I cooked dinner again....eggs, salmon croquettes, and toast with jelly. Jon thought it was an odd combination, but he tried to keep an open mind. I thought it was excellent....I wonder why I stopped making salmon croquettes in the first place. Savy ate the eggs and toast but not the salmon. After dinner, Jon caught Savy hiding by the Christmas tree eating M&Ms.

Once discovered, she threatened to pull the tree over.

I hope she goes to bed without a fight tonight...I'd really like to turn in early.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I've been putting it off, but tonight we finally put up the Christmas tree. Savy thought it was awesome (her own words), and insisted on helping with the ornaments. A few of my ornaments seem to have been broken while in storage, and Jon glued them back together for me while Savy and I trimmed the tree. I always forget from year to year how much trouble it is to put up the tree, and I am exhausted. I admit to skipping a couple of years, but now that Savy is older I'm determined to decorate every year. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas when I was young were of playing with the ornaments on the tree....I want Savy to be able to do that too.

Here's the tree

I took close-ups of some of my favorite ornaments. Jon and I bought this Mickey and Minnie ornament on our honeymoon in DisneyWorld.

The one Mom bought for Savy's first Christmas.

And the one she bought for me on our trip to the Smoky Mountains this past fall.

The one we got when we were finally able to move into this house three days before Christmas 2006.

The Grinch...every house needs a Grinch!

My second Christmas as a nurse

Mom bought us this glass one etched with our names and wedding date.

This one isn't on the tree yet. It was one that was broken and I'm letting the glue set. I bought this at The Incredible Christmas Place when we were in the Smokies for our wedding.

The rocking horse Jimmy gave me always goes under the tree.

We also have the elf on the shelf this year.....we bought it in New Orleans this fall. Savy listened intently to the story before bed tonight, and she named her elf "Crick".

We'll see how this works...I think she's still a little too young to understand, but we're doing it anyway.

And the countdown to Christmas calendar Rose gave Savy a couple of years ago. The ornaments are magnetized....every day you put the corresponding ornament on the tree. Savy absolutely loved this last year and couldn't wait to put each day's ornament on.

I'm too tired to do anything else tonight....outside decorations will have to wait til tomorrow.