Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Know I've Been Skipping Days

I promise I'll try to do better. I've just been feeling ill for awhile. I wasn't this nauseated with Savy...it has gone from either nauseated or hungry to just nauseated all the time now. Savy woke up at 5 am yesterday, then again at 7 am. Jon put her in bed with me while he got ready for work, and we wound up sleeping til 10 am. Then I fixed her breakfast and napped on and off in my recliner til about 2 in the afternoon. I finally got up and cleaned the kitchen (it needed it badly), and that was about all I got accomplished yesterday.
This morning, I dropped Savy off at preschool and went to the gym. I did a little better at the gym today, but I'm still feeling guilty when I skip days. I'm determined to stay on goal with my weight gain! The only good thing about all this nausea is that I'm not eating all the time like I did with Savy.


Ann said...

I recommend trying Prenatal yoga somewhere if it is available it is great for the aches and pains you get from being pregnant. As for the nausea my friend said she got those Preggy Pops in ginger. Also I have heard lemon drop candy helps.

Jennifer said...

Christy, I hate that you are feeling crummy. It is no fun! I can remember warm soup made me feel better. I hope you feel better this evening!