Sunday, December 21, 2008

Savy Says

Jon has been putting Savy to bed lately because I've been so tired and feeling sick. He called me in the other night to see her new bedtime routine. It's her version of the children's game Simon Says, but she calls it "having class." Jon has been playing along every night at bedtime, and I caught it on video last night. She's so cute telling us "good job" when we follow her instructions correctly. The game was cut short because she needed to use the potty....we forgot to turn off the camera, so you can hear us clapping in the background when she uses it.


Adam, Holly, Grace said...

How cute! I love the "good job!"

Nanny said...

What a cute little game. I believe they must play games at school like that. I sure liked the part when she used the potty. Yea!!! Give her a hug and tell her nanny thinks she is precious.

Jennifer said...

OK, I really enjoyed watching that video. She is so darn cute!