Friday, December 26, 2008

A Wonderful Christmas

The Carter's invited us over for chili on Christmas Eve. I was finishing up work that afternoon and getting ready to go when I heard Savy start crying. She was playing in a box (what is it with kids and boxes?) and it tipped over with her. She hit the back of her head on the fireplace and got a pretty nasty gash. It bled and bled, and I was pretty sure it would need stitches. So off we went to the Baptist Collierville emergency room. Sure enough, the doc said it could use a couple of stitches. Savy fell asleep while we were holding the topical anesthetic pad onto the laceration, and she actually slept through the sutures! I was so thankful for that...she never even knew she got stitches.

Savy seemed fine when we left the er, so we went ahead with our chili plans. Savy loved visiting and ran around like nothing even happened...she's a tough little cookie.

Here's the video of Savy first thing Christmas morning. I woke her up, so she was still half-asleep when she saw what Santa brought. It didn't take her long to realize what was going on though!

After a little driving outside, we left for Mimi's house. We all ate way too much, except for Savy...she only ate a few bites of "roni-cheese". She couldn't be bothered by something as boring as eating when there were so many presents to be opened. She like all of them, but I think her favorite was the dollhouse.

I've been trying to recover from all the excitement. Of course I had to take a nap again this afternoon. The weather was awesome today...70 degrees! I managed to go for a run for the first time in a while....didn't do too bad. Tonight I took down the Christmas tree and all the indoor decorations. I'm leaving the outdoor stuff for Jon to take care of.


Nanny said...

We really enjoyed the video of Savy on Christmas morning. I think she was overwhelmed.
She reminded me of how Debbie used to do on Christmas morning when she first saw her gifts that Santa brought. It brought a little laugh though when she cranked up that little jeep.

Jennifer said...

Poor little thing.. I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Ann said...

Ah poor little girl. Glad it didnt ruin her Christmas. Hope you have a Happy New Year. I hope to see you soon.