Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mimi's Visit

We met Mom in Cordova this morning for shopping and lunch. Savy was so excited on the way...she adores her Mimi. We had an excellent shopping day, and Mom found everything on her list. We also found two Melissa & Doug toys that I've been wanting to get for Savy. Mom got both of them for her...she let her have one now and will wrap the other for Christmas. We had lunch at Red Robin which is Savy's favorite restaurant. She was pretty good, but she wouldn't leave this plant alone.

Then she got an attitude when we made her stop playing with it.

She doesn't like being in trouble, so she distracted us by saying she had a's Mimi kissing it to make it better.

Then she pretended she was a doggie and ate M&Ms out of Mimi's hand.

It was a great day! Savy napped all the way home and has been in a great mood all afternoon.

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Nanny said...

We love the attitude photo. She can get the most different looks on her little face. She is so precious. Your blog just brightens up my life.