Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I've been putting it off, but tonight we finally put up the Christmas tree. Savy thought it was awesome (her own words), and insisted on helping with the ornaments. A few of my ornaments seem to have been broken while in storage, and Jon glued them back together for me while Savy and I trimmed the tree. I always forget from year to year how much trouble it is to put up the tree, and I am exhausted. I admit to skipping a couple of years, but now that Savy is older I'm determined to decorate every year. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas when I was young were of playing with the ornaments on the tree....I want Savy to be able to do that too.

Here's the tree

I took close-ups of some of my favorite ornaments. Jon and I bought this Mickey and Minnie ornament on our honeymoon in DisneyWorld.

The one Mom bought for Savy's first Christmas.

And the one she bought for me on our trip to the Smoky Mountains this past fall.

The one we got when we were finally able to move into this house three days before Christmas 2006.

The Grinch...every house needs a Grinch!

My second Christmas as a nurse

Mom bought us this glass one etched with our names and wedding date.

This one isn't on the tree yet. It was one that was broken and I'm letting the glue set. I bought this at The Incredible Christmas Place when we were in the Smokies for our wedding.

The rocking horse Jimmy gave me always goes under the tree.

We also have the elf on the shelf this year.....we bought it in New Orleans this fall. Savy listened intently to the story before bed tonight, and she named her elf "Crick".

We'll see how this works...I think she's still a little too young to understand, but we're doing it anyway.

And the countdown to Christmas calendar Rose gave Savy a couple of years ago. The ornaments are magnetized....every day you put the corresponding ornament on the tree. Savy absolutely loved this last year and couldn't wait to put each day's ornament on.

I'm too tired to do anything else tonight....outside decorations will have to wait til tomorrow.


Nanny said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree. You are creating such beautiful memories for Savy. Little children just need lots of love and beautiful memories. What you do with your children means more than worldly possessions. They just want a little attention and lots of love!!! Is Santa going to leave Savy's gift or gifts under the tree for her to find Christmas morning?

Ann said...

I love the ornament stories. You are ahead of me. Louis hasnt gotten our ornaments or tree out yet. I am hoping we will get it done this weekend. I know Lauren is ready for us to do that since she wants to start the countdown until Santa.