Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey Santa

Savy went to see Santa today, and Mrs. Claus was there too. She sat quietly and smiled for the camera, and Santa rewarded her with candy afterward. These are the three pics. The last one is messed up for some reason....they were sitting together and reading a book. I had to crop the bottom off, so you can't see the book.

I'm glad Savy isn't afraid of Santa like I was when I was young....every Santa photo has my mom standing beside Santa and holding me.


Nanny said...

What a beautiful little girl with Santa. She sure doesn't act afraid of him. What did she tell him she wanted Santa to bring her? She is sure going to enjoy Christmas this year.

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Cute! We are going to take Grace next weekend to see Santa when we are visiting family in GA. I hope she doesn't cry either with Santa especially when she is bigger like Savy.