Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's All Coming Back To Me Now...

I'm suddenly remembering things that I'd forgotten I experienced when I was expecting Savy...the extreme thirst, fatigue, having to pee every hour on the hour. I never had morning sickness with Savy, but I did have a lot of nausea. I was always either ravenously hungry or terribly in between....just hungry or nauseated. Same thing this time.

My workouts at the gym are pitiful right now. Dr. Cole (yes, I switched doctors) ok'd me to keep working out just as hard as I had been, but now I just don't have the energy. I intended to get a really great workout today, but I just barely managed to last 30 minutes. All I want to do is sit around and take naps. If I remember correctly, the fatigue eases up some after the first trimester, right?

As for switching doctors, we thought that after Savy's birth with the induction, 9 hours of labor, then resorting to a c-section, 2 failed epidurals, a failed spinal block, and finally having to put me under because I could feel everything they were doing (including when they cut me open)....well, we just wanted to make a fresh start with a new doctor....nothing personal. I like Dr. Cole and think she'll do just fine.

I was craving Mexican food today...particularly El Nopal. I loooovvvee the nachos El Nopal and thought I'd die if I didn't have some tonight. I really wanted some last night but tried to curb it by making quesadillas at home....didn't work out too well. I was extremely queasy the rest of the night....Jon joked "it's really bad when your own cooking makes you sick". Ha ha, Jon.

Anyway, Jon took me and Savy to El Nopal tonight so I could get my nacho craving taken care of. The owner always gives us Savy's meal for free...I guess because we go there fairly frequently. There's another Mexican place in town, but it's not nearly as good. I ate every bite of my meal and probably could've eaten more, but I'm honestly trying to be careful about not gaining too much weight this time around. I've got to limit myself to one meal out per week.

I'm anxiously waiting for something to come in the mail...I really, reeeeaaally hope it gets here before next week. I just got someone the BEST christmas present, and I cannot wait to give it! I don't want to give away the surprise, but I'll tell you guys all about it later.


Ann said...

Oh yeah I remember those pregnancy symptoms. I got lucky the only time I felt nauseated was when Louis had Chunky Salsa. I couldnt even be around it. The fatigue does go away after first trimester then you will be the energizer bunny. Watch out for Pregnancy brain though. I was always very forgetful. By the way if you have your c-section on July 27th you will have the baby on my birthday! Next time you are in Oxford I can take you to the new Maternity shop right by my house.

Theresa in MS said...

Congrats on the big news; I bet Savy is going to be so excited. I hope the symptoms don't get too bad and the nausea/hunger eases up. You are so smart to be careful about gaining too much weight. I keep gaining and trying to get rid of weight myself and my baby is 24 years old! Must be another reason for the weight problem. haha Hang in there and keep posting; I love keeping up with you guys.

Nanny said...

Poor Christy!!! That is the only negative reason for your pregnancy. I hate for you to be sick and not up to par. I feel sorry for you!! You are still my baby. It will be wonderful to have another sweet little baby in the family though!!!

Jennifer said...

Hang in there Christy, I hope the nausea eases up and you start feeling like yourself after the first trimester. You are making me hungry this morning talking about nachos!

Christy said...

Thanks everyone. I shouldn't complain....I know it could be much, much worse.

Jen, I can totally see you having nachos for breakfast...wouldn't surprise me one bit!