Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Love Pecan Pies

Thank you for the pecans, Ruth. There was more than enough for two pies.

Also, I finished the book I've been reading.

As I mentioned before, this was written by my 5th grade teacher Carol Easley. I won't give you guys a book report...I never give details about books or movies because I don't want to spoil it for you. It started out slowly because I usually only get a chance to sit and read while Savy's having her bath. Mrs. Easley did a great job of creating some suspense. When I was a little more than halfway through it, I was so interested that I had to read some before I went to sleep too. She even managed to surprise me halfway through.....when I'm reading a book, I usually have the whole thing figured out by the 4th chapter. I definitely recommend this one, and I look forward to reading any future books...so, Heather, let me know when she finishes the next one!

When I picked Savy up from pre-school today, she asked to go see "Miss Wuzzy and the babies," so we went next door to visit for awhile. Those girls are getting so big and are still cute as buttons!

Hope everyone had a good day. I'm going to watch Tropic Thunder with Jon, then I'm going to bed.


Nanny said...

Did you make the pecan pies. You are really getting to be a good little cook. You're already about to get ahead of me and I've been cooking a lot longer than you have. The pies look delicious. I'm proud of you!!! You need to know how to make pecan pies since you love them so much.

Nanny said...

I bet little Savy will like your pecan pies too. How did she enjoy pre-school yesterday. It won't be long before she will be in the kitchen trying to help you cook.