Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Day Party

Today was Makenzie's birthday...I had to work today, so Jon took Savy to the party. It was a paint-a-piece party. Here's Savy glazing her piece.

And here's Savy eating a birthday cupcake.

I've been exhausted all day. I started to make deviled eggs (because I was really craving them) but wound up being too tired to I just had hard-boiled eggs with salt. The only things that I feel like eating are on my "avoid" list because they are so fattening. Ugh...I hate being nauseated all the time. I hate being so tired even worse...I'm feeling very guilty about skipping the gym tonight. I guess I'll try to stay longer tomorrow to make up for it.


Ann said...

I have the perfect workout. I dont know if your gym has it but Prenatal Yoga is the best. It helped me with the aches of pains of pregnancy and it is very relaxing. You ought to see if you can find a class.

Nanny said...

I'm so sorry that you are so tired and sick. If I was there, I would fix diviled eggs for you, and all you would have to do would be to eat them!!