Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jon's Day Off

I dropped Savy off at preschool this morning and went to the gym for a while. Jon took the day off, so we got to have a pleasant lunch together at S&P. We picked Savy up after lunch and went into Memphis to run some errands.

Tonight I cooked dinner again....eggs, salmon croquettes, and toast with jelly. Jon thought it was an odd combination, but he tried to keep an open mind. I thought it was excellent....I wonder why I stopped making salmon croquettes in the first place. Savy ate the eggs and toast but not the salmon. After dinner, Jon caught Savy hiding by the Christmas tree eating M&Ms.

Once discovered, she threatened to pull the tree over.

I hope she goes to bed without a fight tonight...I'd really like to turn in early.


Nanny said...

That is such a cute picture where she has a hold of the Christmas tree skirt. You can see the mischief shining in that little face. Lee Ottis said, yep, that is a good picture!!

Nanny said...

Do you buy the taco shells or tortilla chips already toasted, or do you toast them yourself, for the recipe on your blog. I bought items today to fix one, except I forgot the shells or chips. I plan to use deer hamburger instead of the morning star meal starters.

Christy said...

I'm not sure if deer meat will blend with the mexican seasoning too well, but I guess it's worth a try. The point of that recipe was that it is vegetarian. Anyway, if you use taco shells, you have to toast them; no toasting for chips.