Monday, December 1, 2008

Playing At The Mall

I went to the mall to pick up a couple of things today. We had lunch at Chic-fil-A and went to the play area for a while. It's nice to have a place indoors for Savy to run around on these cold and rainy days. She makes friends wherever she goes.

Savy is very excited about going back to pre-school tomorrow!


Nanny said...

You are such a good little mommy. You really get out and do things with Savy. I can tell she makes friends wherever she goes. She has a little bubbling personality. She is so precious to all of us. We just adore her. She couldn't know how much she is loved!!!

Ann said...

I wish I had an indoor play area to take Carolyn and play when the weather is yucky. I wish someone would build one here in Oxford. Hope to see you sometime before Christmas.