Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's A Work Weekend

so there's not much to write about. I cooked one of Savy's favorite dishes for dinner tonight. I'll share the recipe since it's really easy and healthy too.

Start with MorningStar Farms Meal Starters Grillers Recipe Veggie Crumbles

I rarely eat ground beef anymore...this is a great substitute.

I put the veggie grillers with some chopped green peppers and chopped onions (I usually buy those frozen too) in a skillet and cook on high heat until thawed. Then I add a can of fat-free refried beans, a can of black beans, and a packet or two of Taco Bell taco seasoning. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Toast some taco shells (you could also use tortilla chips) and crumble them into the mixture. Top with shredded cheese (I used Mexican blend) and sour cream, and you're done.

It may not look that great in the pics, but it's really good.


Jennifer said...

I'm always up for veggie recipes! Thanks for sharing :)

Nanny said...

That looks really good, like something that I would like. Lee Ottis doesn't want cheese on anything though. He just wants plain old vegetables and healthy meats, and bread. I still may try making it sometimes anyway. I was just glad to see something on your blog. I looked all day yesterday. That's the way I keep up with your and Savy's life.

Christy said...

Sorry, Nanny, I was a little busy the last couple of days.
You can make it without the cheese, and just add it to yours and leave Lee Ottis' plain.