Monday, November 17, 2008

Doctor Visit

Last night Jon organized all his gear that was in the garage, and Savy had to try on his helmet.

This morning she had her 3 year checkup. She has always hated her pediatrician and starts crying as soon as he comes into the exam room. It seems she's forgiven him now, because she was all smiles for him today. She also got a flu shot...that didn't make her so happy.

As a reward for being such a big girl, we went to a playground on the way home. This is a great play has lots of stuff to do, and the ground is covered in that spongy cork-like stuff so that it's soft in case of falls. There are even covered benches for the adults.

It was pretty deserted, just this little guy with his mom. He took quite a liking to us and followed us all over....even wanted to be in a few pictures.

There's a lot of educational things, like this fire safety area, complete with a fire truck and instructions on what to do in a fire.

Here is the alphabet in sign language.

And all kinds of other fun stuff.

This really makes sounds.

There's a separate play area surrounded by sand for those kids who like to get a little dirty. I love these little fun!

I believe we'll be visiting this one again soon.

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