Thursday, November 27, 2008

Texas De Brazil

Last night, Savy insisted on cooking for Rose and Ruth in her kitchen. She made ice cream sundaes and her famous "mouse cake." She is so proud of her playroom.

In this pic, Savy is telling Rose to stay out of her kitchen...Rose was pretending to cook, and Savy didn't like it.

Krista and I saw the movie Twilight last night, then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings after the movie for a bite to eat. I wish she lived closer...we don't get to see each other nearly enough!

Lindsey drove in last night, but everyone was already in bed when I got home. Savy just ate up all the attention they gave her and actually posed for some pics this morning.

Lunch was excellent...we were all so stuffed we could barely move. Savy's favorite part of the meal was dessert.

I asked Lesa to take some pictures of Jon, Savy and me when we got home. Savy was very uncooperative. I don't know if we'll ever get a decent photo of the three of us together....if she's looking at the camera, then Jon or I have some goofy look or our eyes closed or something like that. I would like to post every pic in order (it's actually really funny), but I know Jon would censor the ones where he thinks he looks goofy. Here's one that pretty much sums up the whole looking frustrated, Jon looking at Savy, and Savy playing dead.

This is actually a good one of Jon, but I look goofy and Savy's hiding in her vest.

And those were the best ones out of the whole bunch!

Oh well, I'm off to watch a movie with Lesa, Ruth, and Jon.

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