Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Savy!

Today is Savy's 3rd birthday! Since I had to work today, we actually had her party yesterday at Mimi's house. She had a Tinkerbell cake...she picked it out herself.

She couldn't wait to blow out the candles and dig in!

She liked all her presents, but her favorites were the remote-control car from Pappi and the pirate costume playset from Daddy. Here's a video of her attacking all of us with her pirate sword.

She was so tired after all that playing! Pappi brought out her air bed and she rested while we watched her new Tinkerbell dvd.

She also loved the acoustic guitar Jon bought for her. She's always wanting to play his, so he bought a child-sized one for her. They played a duet last night and it was so adorable! Jon tuned her guitar when she opened it, but she played with the knobs and messed it up.

She had a great (early) birthday!


Jennifer said...

What a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family!

Nanny said...

Tell Jon that I didn't know he could play the guitar so good. He sounded great!! Fix us a video of Jon playing a song all the way through. We would enjoy it. Savy looks so cute playing hers! She was trying her little best to do just like daddy.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Savvy!

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Happy Late Birthday Savy! They are so precious and fun to watch at this age when they are imitating what you do and trying to be their own person too!