Friday, November 21, 2008

My Surprise

I woke up to beautiful roses this morning....thank you, Jon!

I'm starting a new tradition. In case you didn't know, I'm great at copying other people's good ideas...yeah, I know, it's a real talent. Anyway, I heard about this mom who had a great idea for a photo project using an old fashioned bathing suit that had belonged to one of her older family members. I think she started this when her daughter was a newborn. Every year, on her daughter's birthday, she photographed her daughter in the bathing suit....up until her fifteenth birthday, when the suit actually fit her. Then she took all the photos and mounted them together in a collage. I tried to find the site where I read about this so you guys could see the finished product, but it's been awhile. But is that a great idea or what?
I came across my wedding dress in the back of the closet while I was cleaning out the old guest room for Savy. So I decided to do the same thing...only with my wedding dress instead of a bathing suit. I really wish I'd started this when she was a newborn, and I'm actually starting a week and a half after her third birthday....but it's still a really cute idea. Here are the first photos of her in Mommy's wedding dress at 3 years old.

She thought the dress was beautiful and kept telling me "I'm a princess" while I took her pictures. And here's how her mommy looked in it 4 1/2 years ago.

I still love this dress. Krista went with me to pick out my was the huge bi-annual sale at Lows Bridal (in Arkansas) where there is often only one of a particular dress to be had. I had tried on several dresses and just couldn't find "the one." I was starting to get discouraged when I saw this other girl wearing the most beautiful dress....unfortunately it was the only one of it's kind. I was sooooo disappointed. Well, Krista followed that girl around (she was still trying on other dresses), and when she put that dress down, Krista snatched it! That's how I got the perfect dress! That is a real friend...I love ya, Krista!


Ann said...

Love the idea. Savvy looks so cute. I am jealous of the flowers. Wish I would get some. Was there an occasion or just being sweet.

Christy said...

Just being sweet! Jon knows I love fresh flowers.

Ann said...

Me too but Louis never does. He has his moments but not often.

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

How sweet!!