Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick Again

Not only are Savy and I both sick with this respiratory crud again, but now she has an eye infection. Her doctor called in a prescription for eye drops last night so we wouldn't have to make another office visit. I tried to take pics yesterday, but she wasn't in the mood to pose...this is the best I could do.

Putting drops in her eye is not easy. She squinches her eyes shut as tight as she can, then Jon holds her down (looking at the ceiling). I put the drops on her closed eye, and we hold her still until she finally opens her eyes and the drops run in. While we are doing this, Jon tells me how I need to warm the drops to make it more comfortable for her. It's so funny how his views have changed. Whenever we used to talk about having kids (before we actually did have one), Jon told me how we weren't going to spoil our kids. Among some of his "rules":

1. No chicken nuggets...they'll learn to eat what we give them or go hungry
2. We're not buying our kids a car...they'll save up for it themselves or do without
3. No coddling or running to the doctor for every little thing...I got hit by a car and my dad didn't take me to a doctor...he just bought me a six-pack of Dr. Peppers (yes, that actually did happen)

I'm sure you guys can tell that he changed his opinions when Savy came along....she has him wrapped around her little finger.


Jon said...

Regarding the Car... We will help them get one, it just won't be a brand new luxury car. I'm thinking something like a 1985 Ford LTD Ha!

Jennifer said...

I will remind you guys of the Ford LTD when Savy turns 15! LOL!

I hope you guys start feeling better.

Nanny said...

I can tell that little Savy feels terrible. She could have gotten something in her eye at day car or got poked in the eye or something. Anyway, I feel so sorry for her.

Nanny said...

oops! Looks like I mispelled care. Sorry about that.

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

So funny! I can relate! Adam had big words too before we had Grace! He also said "my child will NEVER cry in public"! He said all it would take is one time of me "looking" at her! So funny!!!!

Christy said...

Holly, that is hilarious! Where in the world did Adam get an idea like that?!

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Who knows??