Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing Around

I took some pics of Savy today (no pre-school this week). I planned to experiment more with the different manual settings on my camera, but she is just too active. I thought an all-day sucker might slow her down some....not so much. And the grass color is funky because our lawn service sprayed it yesterday.

This next one is my favorite.

Savy's laughing at Kallie, who is just dying to get a lick of that lollipop...she's whining because I made her leave Savy alone.

Vita was very well-behaved and did not try to steal a lick.

It is so frustrating....when she is actually still for a moment, there is no time to even think about changing a setting. I'm getting really good at adjusting the shutter speed though!


Ann said...

That Lollipop is almost as big as Savy! I bet it got stuck in her hair a few times. I hope to see you soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

I'm impressed, your pictures are looking great. Where did you find that lollipop?

Christy said...

Thanks, but I'm getting a little discouraged. I got the lollipop at Wal-Mart.

Jennifer said...

It took me several months to get the hang of it. You will find that a lot of people think photography is easy, but it is a skill that you really have to practice and practice. Hang in there and you will eventually get... I promise!

Theresa in MS said...

Love these photos; I need alot of practice to get as good as I'd like to be with my SLR. Savy makes a good subject; Vita's awfully pretty too! Have a great Thanksgiving :-)

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

She is so pretty!