Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today I got to visit Joy, the person who was my best friend from kindergarten until the 9th grade (when I changed schools). We hadn't seen each other in 20 years! Joy has three daughters, and she brought her youngest with her today. Rileigh is 3, so she and Savy are pretty close in age. I have to say, Rileigh is just a doll...she looks so much like Joy did when she was little. She and Savy became fast friends.

We met up in Oxford for lunch, at Ajax of course. Savy got carsick on the way there and threw up all over herself. Luckily, I had extra clothes (even though they were mismatched). Then we took the girls to Avent Park to play while we talked. Unfortunately, the super awesome play area there was closed because they just varnished the whole thing yesterday, so the girls couldn't play on it. We took a little walk on the nature trail, then they played for awhile at one of the picnic areas.

The girls really wanted to be on a playground, so we went to the skate park where there is a small play area. That satisfied them, but we are definitely going to visit Avent Park next time.

They got along famously! Savy and I had a great time, and it was so wonderful to get to see Joy again and to meet Rileigh. I look forward to meeting her other girls soon. Joy and I were inseparable for many was so touching to see our daughters playing together like we once did. I have to include this pic....isn't it precious?

I intended to visit Ann and Krista since we were in Oxford, but Savy was so tired and cranky, I thought it best to come on home. We will definitely catch you guys next time!


Nanny said...

I left you one comment but I don't think it took. The comment you made about it being touching to see your and Joy's girls playing together like you two did brought tears to my eyes. My how time flies!!!

Ann said...

Sorry you didnt have time to come by and visit but we are planning to come to Memphis soon. Maybe we can get together then. I will let you know.