Thursday, August 1, 2013


We went to Rosemary beach last month. We had such a great time...I love that place! This time Mimi and Pappi went with us. We stayed at the Wave Loft this time. The Wave Loft isn't as big as the last condo we rented, but it was perfect for the six of us. It also wasn't too far from the Sugar Shack...Mimi and Pappi made many trips there with the girls.

Photo of us pulling into Rosemary...that's the condo up ahead on the top floor.

We made it just in time to visit the beach before dark.

Living room


Our bedroom. This was the most comfortable sleeping on a cloud! We didn't get a pic of Mimi and Pappi's room, but it was a king bed just like ours.

The girls bunk room

There was also a full kitchen and two full baths.

Here we all are walking to the beach on our first day. Savannah was a little disgruntled that she had to carry her own body board.

Our set-up on the beach.

When we first got to the beach on that first day, Scarlett ran to the water and immediately got knocked down by a big wave. After that, if she wanted to go into the water, she insisted someone carry her.

Sailboat in the distance

Savannah and Pappi getting ready to catch fish

Mimi brought lots of sand toys...including a bucket big enough for Scarlett to sit in.

Mimi, Pappi, and the girls at sunset

Looking for shells at sunset

Mimi and the girls at the Barbados pool

We took a 3 hour tour on the Ashley Gorman. It took us to Shell Island.

Jon, Scarlett and I walked waaaaay down the beach and found a seashell graveyard....we saw hundreds of huge shells. All were broken, unfortunately, but it was still pretty cool. Scarlett had a run-in with this little guy.

That's him right there in the center...the crab. She was happily telling me she'd found a crab until he took a step toward her....then she ran screaming.

We ate breakfast at Cowgirl Kitchen before the trip home. I hated to leave.

Yesterday was Scarlett's birthday. I can't believe she is 4 years old already! She requested lunch at Jason's Deli. Her gift was a ballerina dance-with-me doll that's as tall as she is. We'll have Scarlett's real party on Sunday.

And now for the egg-citing news....sorry, I can't stop saying it like that, haha. OUR FIRST EGGS!

Totally unexpected! We weren't expecting them to start laying until Septemberish. So we didn't have their nesting boxes ready yet. The girls were super eggcited! Savannah has already requested I cook these eggs for breakfast in the morning.

All that hard work deserved a treat. The chicks got their first taste of Watermelon.