Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Little Ballerina

Lesa gave Savy this gingerbread house that plays Dance of the SugarPlum Fairies. Savy was pushing the play button over and over and pretending to be a was so adoreable the way she was dancing around! Of course, she wanted to quit as soon as I got the camera. I had to bribe her to dance one more time so I could get it on video, and she wasn't nearly as "into it" as she was before she was being filmed.


Nanny said...

That was so cute!! She was probably too tired to dance anymore if she had already been dancing before you got the camera. Did Jon take any pictures at Glen Allen? I was hoping he would have some good pictures from there. Sounds like you're feeling better. I am so glad. I don't like for you to be sick!!

Jennifer said...

How cute! All she needed was a tutu.