Friday, January 8, 2010

My poor blog has been so neglected. This is my week to work, plus Scarlett has been especially demanding lately. I'm ready for my week off...come on, Monday!

We got just a light snow this week. Savy was disappointed that school was cancelled, and even more disappointed that there wasn't enough snow to build a snowman. She was remembering the snow from last year. This one just didn't live up to her expectations.

Here are some pics of Savy, Scarlett, and Kiki "camping" in the living room. Kiki is the most tolerant cat in the world...she plays with Savy all the time and is never upset by anything. Savy gives her "shots" with her little doctor kit, checks her ears, etc, and Kiki is just glad to have the attention. Ezra has a pretty short fuse and bites Savy when he's had enough.

I took these tonight just to show you guys how long Scarlett's hair is. Right after her bath, it curls up on top of her cute! Click on the pics and you can really see the curls.


TheresainMS said...

Savy looks so proud of Scarlett in this last picture :-) I'm glad the girls have pets to grow up with. I think it's important for them to learn to take care of and live with something smaller than themselves. Just my humble opinion as a die-hard dog fanatic. I'll have to post a pic of our dog, Little Bit, soon. She's so ugly she's cute. I tell her she's worthless and priceless all at the same time LOL!

Stay warm, safe and have a great weekend!

Nanny said...


Scarlett's hair looks just like yours used to. I love the picture of Savy and Scarlett. They both look like little dolls. I am wanting to see them again. It seems like nothing works out where we can come up there. Either the weather is too bad or we are sick snd in doctor offices. We love you.