Saturday, January 16, 2010

We've been enjoying my week off. Krista came to visit us Wednesday...I lured her here with the promise of sushi. She loved the Japanese buffet. There's sushi for Krista, "normal" stuff like grilled steaks and veggies for me, and kid stuff like fries and chicken nuggets for Savy. It's funny how Savy, who is so picky, likes to eat at this restaurant because of the chopsticks. They rig them up for her with rubber bands and a rolled up piece of paper so they're easy for a child to use. She eats things here that she normally wouldn't even try.

Nanny and Lee Otis came to visit yesterday. As soon as they walked in, Savy was dragging "Lee Lollis" (Lee Otis) to her playroom. Nanny got to spend lots of quiet time with Scarlett...thankfully she's been in a better mood this week.

The weather was nice enough for Savy to ride her scooter outside.

Here's a recipe I tried Wednesday night that I want to share. I thought this was really good...if you like mushrooms, you'll love this.

I used green peppers instead of red. Mine doesn't look like the photo on the actual recipe, but it was still good.

We're heading into town today for a Costco trip. We're having some friends over tomorrow...Jon's making grilled fillets and I'm making the wonderful mushroom risotto to go with them.

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