Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scarlett's First Bananas

Mimi spent the night with us last night, so Jon and I got to have another "date night." Mom, Savy, Scarlett, and I did a little shopping and had lunch this morning before Mom left. I got to go to the gym again this afternoon. It's been a pretty good week.

Scarlett had her first taste of bananas tonight. This was the first time she's had anything other than milk or plain rice cereal, and she loved it. She kept grabbing the spoon and pulling it into her mouth...I eventually had to hold her hands down to keep her from making a huge mess.

We let Savy have some ice cream after dinner. Once Scarlett saw that, she forgot all about the bananas. We got a video of Scarlett coveting the ice cream is so pitiful! Listen closely to what Savy says at the end...she is so funny!


TheresainMS said...

This is so cute! You just never know when those moments are going to happen. So glad you got it on record though Savy may not be so glad! Poor Scarlett, she made me want to bring her some ice cream. She was looking at it so longingly! :-) Her day will come LOL!

Have a great weekend!!

Nanny said...

Oh that little video is so pitiful. I think I would have had to give her a bite of ice cream. Her little mouth was just watering! She is so beautiful. You and Jon have two beautiful girls. Just little dolls!!

Priscilla B. said...


This video is so cute! The girls are precious! I agree, I think I would have given Scarlett a little ice cream.

Christy said...

I know, but I had to be strong. Once she gets a taste of ice cream, she'll be obsessed with it...just like her big sister is!

Jon said...

for some reason, if you view the video in Internet Explorer, it cuts off the edges. Either doubleclick the video to go to youtube and see it, or view the blog in firefox.

Adam Holly Grace said...

That is hilarious!! Scarlett is so cute too! You can tell that Scarlett just loves watching her big sis too! They are going to be so much fun growing up together!:)