Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Snow

Savy woke up at 6:30 this morning asking to go out and play in the snow. I brought her to bed with us and convinced her to watch cartoons while we got a little more sleep. Luckily, she fell asleep between us and slept until after 10.

Jon measured the snow again late last night...can you believe it was 13 inches deep in our back yard?!

After Savy woke up, we bundled up and headed outside. Now, I know Nanny was having a fit over the thought of Savy getting too cold...don't worry, she was just fine. She wore two layers of clothing, her waterproof boots, and waterproof mittens. These handwarmers Jon bought are just activate them and slip them in your gloves or socks, and they keep your hands and feet warm as toast. I checked Savy's hands and feet when we got back inside, and they were warmer than they normally are when she's just been inside all day.

Here's a pic of Jon and Savy in one of the deep drifts at the corner of the house.

Savy was so excited about making a snowman. We didn't have a carrot for the nose, so we used a piece of sidewalk chalk. She named him we are posing with him.

The dogs had fun in the snow too. Vita loved it, but it was actually over Kallie's head in places. This is a panoramic shot of the cove...ours is the house in the middle.

Here's our neighbor, way you could miss her!

Savy had a great time, but she was ready to come in and warm up when we were done with the snowman.


Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Nanny said...

What a snow!! That is hard to believe. We only got maybe an inch. I doubt that it was that much,and Debbie said that is all Grenada got too. Looks like Savy had a good time. By the way, ya'll build a good snowman. When Debbie was a little girl, it came a good snow, and she wanted to go out in it, and as soon as she got out and felt the cold, she was ready to come back in. You, on the other hand, was right the opposite. You could skate on ice like a pro.

Suzie said...

this pic is not very nice.. LOL