Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back To Work

It's my week to work again. Savy was extremely disappointed that school was cancelled today. To make her feel better, we went to McDonald's for lunch. Then we came home and played in the snow....there's still plenty of it!

Here's Savy getting ready to throw a snowball at me.

The dogs were play-fighting and getting on Savy's nerves. They kept running into her while she was making snowballs and knocking her over. She started yelling at them to stop.

Then she hit Vita with a snowball.

She found the only mud puddle in the yard and jumped in it.

She saw pictures of her friend Audrey making a snow angel on Sunday, so she had to make one herself before we went inside.

I was pretty disappointed about school being cancelled too. I always go to the gym while Savy's at school, so I guess I'll have to go tonight after Jon gets home. I try to go during the day when there aren't many people there now....I hate getting the funny looks from people these days.

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Audrey's mom said...

Good snow angel, Savy! Good job!