Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adventures In Decorating

I had the best luck shopping last week! Remember when I said I was obsessed with decorating the living room and went to look at fabric to make curtains? After getting fabric samples, I stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond on a whim (I hardly ever go in there) and found curtains that were exactly what I wanted....a dupioni silk blend 95 inch length. Even better, the color I wanted was on sale for 40% off, and they only had four panels left....which was exactly how many panels I needed! How often does that happen? I'm happy that I don't have to make curtains now...I can sew, but I don't really have time these days. You can see an example of my sewing skills here....I made the roman shade in Savy's bathroom.

Here's a pic of the curtains. Now I'm looking for throw pillows for the couch.

I stopped by Old Time Pottery on the way home that same day and found another great bargain. I've had my eye on some wall sconces for some time, but they were $175 each....you guys know I could never bring myself to pay that much. Well, I found some that are almost identical at OTP. They are only 4 inches shorter and a few inches narrower than the expensive ones, and the glass hurricane is not as thick.... they were $13 each. How great is that? I moved the large metal medallion from the hearth room into the living room and hung the sconces on either side.

It's coming along nicely, but there are still a few things I need to find. Then it's on to the bedroom.


Jennifer said...

Can I fly you to Seattle to decorate my house???? You do such a great job!

TheresainMS said...

Congrats on finding so many good deals. You really did get lucky on those curtains. Even if you can sew, no one I know likes making curtains. There's too much material to deal with haha. Have a great week!