Monday, March 23, 2009

My First Day Off

Savy was so wound up last night....she didn't go to sleep until around 11 o'clock. I managed to fall asleep right after, only to wake up to her crying at 12:30. She wouldn't tell us what was wrong, but as soon as we got back into bed, she'd start crying again. Finally, on the third trip to her room, she said she had to use the potty. By that time I was fully awake. I hoped that after all that I could sleep until my alarm went off this morning. Nope, I was wide awake just before 7 am. So I got up, showered, dressed, and took the dogs out.

I got Savy up and dressed early too. Jon took us to S&P for breakfast, then Savy and I went directly to the playground. I didn't feel too great, but I feel guilty if I don't let her do something fun on the days that I'm off....especially since there was no school last week and she was stuck at home with me every day.

After the playground, we took care of a few errands and came on home. Savy played with Abbey and Zoe this afternoon...I hope she is worn out enough to sleep tonight! Tomorrow is a school day, so she's happy about going back.

Yesterday, my neighbor suggested it was time for more belly shots, so here's one I took this morning before we left. I'm 20 weeks, and keep in mind that this is at my smallest, first thing in the morning, before I've eaten. I look a lot bigger later on in the day.

Sorry for the head crop, but I'm not feeling too photogenic lately. I might have only gained a total of six pounds at my last md visit, but for the last week, I've just been feeling like a big blob. I definitely need to increase the exercise.

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Jennifer said...

You look great, and only have gained 6 pounds, that is outstanding. Great job!